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It’s alive!!

It’s alive!!

I have plenty of things to post about, but I really want to show off my videos of the motor tests. Let the show begin!

3d printer, very nice.

3D Printing at SXSW

I have been attending SXSW for many years now, and this was one of the best. Lots of great people, lots of events – also lots of 3D printing! 3D...

3D printing presentation (wip)

3D printing presentation (wip)

Started work on my 3D printing presentation. I’m always open to feedback – please chime in!


Build Gallery 2

Git Hub Round UP!!

Git Hub Round UP!!

GitHub and 3D printing go together like peas and honey, here is a list of 3D printing projects I’m watching… OctoPrint provides a responsive web interface for controlling a...


Week 3 Build Update

After assembling the basic frame of the printer, the next stage is to incorporate the mechanisms for each axis. The 3D printer has three axis: motors and rods move the...

3D Printer Roundup

3D Printer Roundup

Engadget has done a really good 3D Printer roundup as part of their post-CES coverage.  I think it says a lot about the way this DIY community is moving forward. It...


Build Gallery

Here is the first gallery of images from the printer construction. This shows steps in building the frame. Next I will be posting images of the creation of the X,Y...

Printing Living Tissue

Printing Living Tissue

Scientists print living tissue with a modified RepRap. One unexpected aspect that is probably quite interesting to any 3D printer enthusiast is their use of printing sugar as a dissolvable structure. This concept has...


Build Update: Week 1 – “Freedom Meters”

Last week I received my 3D printer kit from the folks over at, and after spending the week gathering up all the necessary parts I began the build over the weekend. The V2 Linear...